Diagnosis Day

This was the first picture I took after finding my lump and going to the doctor. Here, I was preparing for the bone scan. My bone scan showed no metastasis. Yeah! I also had a mammogram (first and last), and an ultrasound. Since then I’ve had a couple of ultrasounds, but the size of the tumour has not really changed. That’s actually good news for invasive ductal carcinoma. I don’t go for ultrasounds anymore, or bone scans. I’ll certainly never have another mammogram. I feel my tumour. It has not shrunk. It has not grown. I find ultrasounds to not be an exact science.  There were two different reports generated at different times by two different doctors, resulting from the exact same ultrasound.  They both had different measurements. So I decided no more.

They were attempting to perform a core needle biopsy. I hesitated and ultimately refused. There is a risk of metastasis when you pierce the casing that surrounds a tumour. They will tell you there isn’t, or perhaps they’ll say it’s a small risk and “that’s why we remove the skin around which the need is inserted”. Sound comforting? Not to me. I declined. I was then scheduled for an open frozen biopsy, to be followed by a mastectomy if a malignancy was found. I cancelled. I met with surgeon. It was re-scheduled the following week. I cancelled. I met with the surgeon. He was not happy that I went from “just give me a double mastectomy” to “I’m not ready for this.” This was October 2014. He said I could hold on until January. He recommended I go for counselling to “accept this standard of care”. They wanted to bully me. Brainwash me. But my gut spoke loud and clear.

The Truth About Cancer docuseries http://www.thetruthaboutcancer.com , was sent to me. It was just released and showing for free on the internet. The timing could not have been better. Between that series, presented to me by a dear friend, and the advice many years ago from another dear friend who told me there were cures for cancer, my life has been saved.

Until that time, my life was very dark. I had no interest in a post-chemo and post-mastectomy life. None. But as soon as I made the decision to listen to my gut and trust the professionals in The Truth About Cancer docuseries, I was at peace. I have been smiling ever since.

I went to Mexico for treatment, but before I did I ended up undergoing the biopsy at the request of my doctors in Mexico. I felt some comfort in doing so knowing that in a few short days I would be undergoing treatment.

So that’s how it all began. Let me share with you what I have learned since that time. Bear with me. I’m not a blogger at all. This is all new to me. But I’ll learn, for you.