Let Food Be Thy Medicine

You can take absolutely every chemotherapy drug; you can take every herb and supplement; you can detox until there’s nothing left in you. But none of that will make a difference if you don’t change your diet. Raw fruits and vegetables will always be your main diet. They contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, in the most bioavailable form. Make no mistake, they are part of a master design.  Certainly, while you are in full fight mode, this is not negotiable. No cheating. No sugar. Sugar is the number one fuel source for cancer. Fruit sugars are different. They “spin” differently and, accordingly, are not utilized by the cancer. So fruit in moderation is fine. In fact, many fruits themselves are cancer fighters. And please always ensure you consume organic food. Think about it, pesticides are designed to kill.. What makes anyone think that’s okay to consume? And as for GMO’s, stay away. Understand that we are guinea pigs when it comes to this self-serving manipulation of our food supply. No one knows the effects, short or long term, of consuming GMO foods. How will it affect our children’s children? As for meat, well, that is either a personal choice, or a metabolic make-up calculation. Personally, I enjoy chicken or steak. I’m not a vegan. But I know that it takes enzymes to breakdown these types of proteins, and that my body, having cancer, is short of these proteolitic enzymes. And so I only have it as a treat once or twice a month, and not a big amount. I also enjoy goat’s milk in my coffee. Coffee is another no-no, but it’s one of those things I’ve decided I want in order to enjoy the life I’m saving. Maybe my tumour would be gone by now if I were strictly good. Who knows? But I would be very unhappy if I couldn’t enjoy something when so much has been taken away. Alcohol, even red wine, is another no-no. Your liver is your biggest detoxifier. This becomes extremely critical when eliminating cancer and tumour from your body. You need to keep the liver clean and detoxed and alcohol does nothing but gum it up. Yes, a bit of red wine in moderation is reported to be a healthy thing to do IF YOU ARE OTHERWISE HEALTHY. But if your immune system is compromised, it serves no useful purpose. The best way to flood your system with the nutrients in fruits and vegetables is to juice them. In this way, they are able to be absorbed directly into your system without having to go through the digestive process that separates the fibre from the juice. That being said, always be sure to eat solid food in addition to juicing. Your body needs the fibre and nutrients in solid food as well, in order to function.

There’s much to learn about food. It will be one of the larger topics I cover. I’ll attempt to get as much detail regarding the various fruits and vegetables as possible in order to relay to you the value that they bring to your fight.

Bon Appetite!