Diagnosed? What To Do Immediately!

First, take a deep breath. You have more than a few minutes. In the large percentage of cases, you have time. There are few circumstances where you don’t. There are a few cancers where you have no choice but to undergo surgery and chemotherapy.  Perhaps by the time you’re reading this, you’re long past diagnosis and have already started your treatment. Whether you are on your way, or are doing the research you need to determine what you need to do to better your chances of overcoming. You stand a much better chance, natural treatment or conventional,  if you change a few things in your life. I will summarize in this post, some of the more popular natural treatments. I will describe each in more detail in future posts. There is far too much information to possibly relay in one post, and there are reasons behind each of these treatments that I will describe in more detail, one at a time. For now, I will list them and you can feel free to do research on your own.

IMMEDIATELY ELIMINATE ALL SUGAR. Some fruits are fine, in moderation. Fruit sugars spin differently and are therefor not utilized by cancer cells.

IMMEDIATELY ELIMINATE ALL ALCOHOL. Yes, even the health-touted red wine. I tried desperately to find evidence that it was good for you. It is! But it is good for you in moderation in an otherwise healthy body. In a body that is fighting cancer, and need the liver’s priority to be detoxification, alcohol does nothing but gum it up. I know, I know. I didn’t want to hear it either. I have the odd glass when I go out; but it’s ONE glass. I then regret it. It wasn’t worth it. Sigh….

IMMEDIATELY GIVE UP COFFEE. It’s extremely toxic to the liver as well. This too I continue to consume. It’s a bad idea. I’m trying.

IMMEDIATELY USE COFFEE. Bottoms up! Confused? Coffee, special coffee, when taken as an enema, is extremely health and aids in detoxification. As well, it signals a reaction, when inserted into the colon, that causes the master antioxidant glutathione s-transferase, to become supercharged. In addition, particularly if you have a hormone sensitive cancer, it evacuates waste from the colon, where if left in place, is absorbed back into your system.

IMMEDIATELY ELIMINATE CONVENTIONALLY GROWN PRODUCE AND MEAT. Our bodies were not designed to breakdown pesticides. There is no long term study available to confirm that they do not harm. In fact, with the growing incidence of cancer, I’d say the jury’s in on the safety of conventionally grown produce with the use of pesticides. As well, conventionally grown beef (particularly) and chicken, not to mention farmed salmon, are all grown with the use of hormones/steroids and antibiotics, and feed that is unnatural to their species. We are what we eat, and that goes for what we eat is what our food eats. Grass-fed organic beef, grown without hormones and steroids. Free range chickens. Wild salmon.

REBOUND. If you are physically able to, rebound. Get one. It is THE best exercise for you, moving lymph (your body’s garbage disposal system), and helping to keep major and minor muscles working. And, it’s fun!

SAUNA. Get an infrared sauna. Cancer does not survive in a heated environment. Hyperthermia. Of course, real hyperthermia requires professional supervision by a trained medical practitioner. But a sauna can do a great job at home. It is one of the healthiest things you can do. On top of raising your body temperature to the point where cancer struggles to thrive, sweating releases toxins. It is one of the most effective detoxifiers. It’s not only good for cancer, it assists with a myriad of conditions. But get a good one. Many are put together with toxic glues and finished with toxic varnishes, or have high EMF’s. Each of those will do more harm than good. If you are going to invest in a sauna (and I suggest you do), get one that is medical-grade. They are out there.

EPSOM SALT BATHS. If you have no open wounds or incisions, consider a relaxing epsom salt bath. It will help further detoxify, and help beneficial magnesium be absorbed.

JUICE. Invest in a good, low (or preferably no) heat masticating juicer. No compromise. I have an Omega. It juices awesome! But my only complaint is that I have to take the time to cut the pieces small enough to fit the hopper. When you are juicing several times a day, it quickly becomes tedious. That being said, I can juice whatever I want; even wheatgrass. Wheatgrass can easily get grinded up in the wrong type of juicer, and not yield any juice. Again, you want a masticating juicer.

TURMERIC/CURCUMIN. Include them in our diet. You can buy supplements, or you can put it in your food. Curcumin acts like chemotherapy. It is perhaps THE most valuable and effective natural cancer treatment available. No lie. And it is made 2000% more effective when combined with pepper. Also add an olive oil as it is more soluble when combined with a fat.

CELL PHONE. Do NOT put your cell phone next to your head or your bed.

So there you have it. Just a few absolutely critical things to start turning things around. Get to know them. Get used to them. Fit them into your life. They are not going away.