Sharing Your Diagnosis, And Your Decision

Even harder than hearing the words “You have cancer.” from your doctor, is sharing the words “I have cancer.” with your loved ones. Words you never want to hear. Words you never want to say. You have no choice. Until the moment that you share that news, you are a wreck. You feel like as long as you don’t tell anyone, everything is status quo. You think that. But it’s not. It eats you up inside. In the words of a friend of mine, “Everything that was once familiar, is now strange.”. That was put so perfectly. That’s exactly it. Everything is different. Keeping the news to yourself is more damaging. What made it easier for me to share the news with my kids, was taking a moment to research and think about what it is I was going to do. My son was away at university  and I was waiting for him to come home. I didn’t want to wait as long as I did, and I wouldn’t have if he were home. But my being forced to wait gave me an opportunity to think about what I had learned through The Truth About Cancer, and what I had known for years regarding big pharma and the medical industrial complex. So by the time my son came home, and I sat down with him and my daughter, I had reached a decision as to my course of treatment. After having experienced the deepest and darkest days ever, I was never more sure of my decision, and I have not looked back. After TRULY having a CHOICE, I felt freedom. Liberated. No one was going to touch me and I was going to be just fine! Now, to tell Amanda and Chris. As you can imagine, immediately after I told them of the diagnosis they understandably broke down. I too had a moment, as seeing your children completely broken, because of you, is very painful. All they could think about was losing me. After I explained to them my choice of treatment, they were still concerned. Quackery! Natural cures don’t work! Everyone knows there is no cure for cancer! If there is, everyone would know! Doctors have had limited success. What were my chances? I shared the information with them. My friends and family were skeptical and very concerned for me. Several didn’t like what I now stood for and what I was telling them. No one likes to be made a fool of. No one likes to think that they fell for it. No one likes to think that they couldn’t figure it out for themselves. They don’t know what I knew. That’s not their fault. It’s the fault of huge organizations. It’s the fault of greed. But they don’t see it that way. If you choose natural treatment, be prepared. You will be called crazy. You will have doubters. You will have people pushing their opinions on you. You have to be a special kind of strong if you make this decision. But to me, this decision was a blessing. So week by way, month by month, and now year by year, my kids, family and friends are watching me. I am happy. I am healthy. I am a productive member of society. I pay my taxes. I earn my living. I share what I know. I have zero regrets about my decision and am thankful every day. I have learned so much!


So be prepared. It’s not easy news to share. But keeping it to yourself is even worse. The sense of relief I felt once I told everyone, was the beginning of my healing journey. It will be okay. Really. Just tell them, and let them know you need their support. Then get on with the business of getting well.