“Conventional” Treatment v. “Natural” Treatment


You’ve now told your family and friends of your diagnosis and treatment must commence immediately. Hopefully you will have done some research on what you want your treatment to look like.  Hopefully you’ll gain a different perspective on what cancer treatment CAN look like. You will have to take my input with a grain of salt, for I have opted for strictly natural treatment. That’s me. That’s my choice, based on my condition and my personal desire to ensure I had quality and quantity of life. Neither, however, are guaranteed. I am not familiar at all with conventional treatment consisting of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. I am on no pharmaceuticals at all.

There are things to consider when choosing a treatment. One thing to consider is that you don’t have to choose. You can incorporate both. There are many integrative oncologists that are trained and experienced in providing you with effective conventional and natural treatments simultaneously. Oncologists, for the most part, are not accepting of any natural treatments and, in fact, will deter you from incorporating them. I’ll certainly agree that some natural treatments will interfere with medications and/or chemotherapy, and should be avoided. But let me take that concern a little further and point out to you that, doesn’t that tell you just how powerful plants and herbs and other natural treatments are? I mean, think about it; if it would interfere with a drug, there HAS to be something to it, wouldn’t you agree?

Chemotherapy kills cancer. You won’t get an argument from me. Yes, indeed, it does. Unfortunately, it does not discriminate. It kills healthy cells too, and, it causes cancer. Yup. I know. Sounds ridiculous. It damages organs. It causes neuropathy. It causes “chemo brain”. There are many other side-effects as well. If you are of child-bearing years, you will want to freeze your eggs or sperm prior to undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can also spread cancer. It’s head-to-toe collateral damage. Now, many people survive cancer and chemotherapy treatment. There are many who don’t. There are several factors that will make the difference. One is your body’s immune system and it’s ability to keep going. The other would be the prescription and dose of the chemotherapy and any medications you are prescribed. There are treatments available that incorporate a low-dose chemotherapy, which has no or minimal side-effects. This would be considered more of an integrative approach. It will also help you to eat a cancer-fighting diet. Eliminate sugar, processed foods, alcohol and coffee from your diet. Your chances of a good recovery will be multiplied. As well, your mind-set is probably the most significant. If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. So know in your heart and mind that you will be fine and vow to live the healthiest life you can.

Radiation, like chemotherapy, causes cancer. In addition, the damage due to burns in surrounding tissue is most painful and scarring.

Should you have surgery? If the tumour is life-threating (i.e. blocking an artery or causing compression, etc.) then surgery should be undergone immediately. But in some cases, the tumour is just there. It’s not interfering. Then you have a decision to make. You can monitor the tumour while undergoing chemotherapy or natural treatment. That’s what I have chosen to do. Tumours are an “engine light”. Tumours are not the problem, but are the warning. The symptom. When you remove a tumour, you are not “getting it all”. This is where the problem lies, when people think that because they’ve had the tumour removed and they’ve had chemotherapy, that they are “cured”. That’s not the case. In fact, once you disturb a tumour, you are piercing the protective membrane that encapsulates the tumour and keeps the cells contained. Even having a biopsy will have you running the risk of metastasis as the membrane is pierced. I had my biopsy when I knew that I was scheduled to start treatment within days.

Natural treatment also kills cancer cells. Natural treatments do not damage healthy cells. They do not make you sick. You do not lose your hair. I have been able to continue to work full time. My life, other than having to undergo protocols and having an even stricter diet, has not changed … much.

When you choose to undergo natural treatment, you must understand a couple of things. You cannot choose one treatment and do that solely, and change nothing else. It won’t work. You must incorporate as may protocols as you can, that do not interfere one with the other. (Some protocols – for example the Budwig Protocol – must be taken away from antioxidants). Absolutely everything you put in your mouth is either fighting cancer or feeding it. Choose wisely. You must see a professional who can guide you with respect to the supplements you should be taking, and should not be taking. You must detoxify; everyday if possible. Coffee enemas. Rebounding. Dry skin brushing. Epsom salt baths. And more.

Natural treatments can complement conventional treatments, where you get the professional support you need. Your recovery will be enhanced by giving your body what it needs.

If you choose natural treatment, you stand a better chance of success if you start “clean”. By that I mean, no chemotherapy or radiation, and no surgery if possible. There are still no guarantees. Every body is different. Many people who have undergone complete medical treatment, sometimes twice, and have had cancer return and have metastasis, have been able to recover by the use of natural treatments. There are others who have given alternative treatment their best shot and have unfortunately succumbed to the disease. This is why it’s important NOW, so you don’t get diagnosed, or before you get diagnosed, to start living an anti-cancer life.

Of course, there are those who undergo natural treatments and, for various reasons, have not been successful. There are many variables. The point is, you have to choose what is right for YOU. My mission is to let you know that you do have a CHOICE, and to point you in the direction of reliable resources (I’m not a professional, but I’ve learned plenty and can tell you who to trust).

Conventional treatment is, for the most part, covered by insurance. Natural treatments are not. Many choose to undergo conventional treatment strictly for that reason. But here’s the thing to consider. Insurance will not cover everything. Insurance cannot reverse damage to your body, or any negative results. You will be unable to work and will be on a reduced income. You are losing money by having to go on disability, AND you will most certainly have to pay for drugs that your insurer will not cover, or not cover fully. This will go on for years, and most likely the rest of your life. Keep in mind these medications come with a host of undesirable side-effects, requiring further medication.

Natural treatments, while they are not covered by any insurance, will not cause you to feel sick and will not damage your organs and body. Yes, they add up and it gets expensive. It’s not fair. Those are our laws. It’s not the fault of the supplements and those who work everyday to put them in a form in which you can take it. That does cost money. Yes. But those supplements do no harm when used with proper advice from a professional. I can’t say the same for chemotherapy or other cancer medication. It’s actually arguable as to whether it costs more as the fact is, with a reduced income while you are sick while going through chemo, and the cost of expensive pharmaceuticals, and the damage and risk to your body, to me it’s clear that I’d rather spend the money on natural supplements and feel great and fight the cancer, than still have to pay out money and run the risks that you do when undergoing conventional treatment. Our laws and insurance need to change.The problem is one of greed. The pharmaceutical companies are in bed with the government and doctors. Doctors get kick-backs for prescribing chemo and pharmaceutical companies bring in big money. Make no mistake, there is no incentive for them to find a cure for cancer. No indeed. There is no incentive to kill you right away either. The money lies in keeping you chronic, and prescribing you as much medication as is possible. There are those who have left the pharmaceutical industry once they’ve witnessed the corruption for themselves. I direct you to G. Edward Griffen. He is an author who has researched the history of chemotherapy treatment and why we are where we are now with respect to this accepted standard of care. While I’ve yet to read his book “World Without Cancer”, I’ve watched his interview with Ty Bollinger in “The Truth About Cancer … Continues”. It pulls it all together for you and is worth the watch, from beginning to end.

Here is the link to the episode of The Truth About Cancer … Continues, wherein Ty Bollinger interviews experts, authors, etc. regarding the history of chemotherapy.

So there you have some more information you need in order to go into your treatment decision with eyes wide-open.

Am I against conventional treatment? For me, yes. Might I change my mind, depending on my state of health in the future? Maybe. But my mind is set towards a full healing. I believe, for me, the absolute most I would do would be surgery to remove the tumour, and perhaps a low-dose chemotherapy administered along with natural treatment designed to work with it. But my course is set for complete shrinking and elimination of the tumour by natural and non-harmful means. That WILL happen.

So it’s time for you to do a bit of digging and determine what you feel would be the right treatment path for you.

Oh, one other thing. At a time in your life when you need their support the most, in many cases, and certainly in mine, you will not have the support of all of your family and friends. In fact, be prepared to lose some. Just know that that’s okay. They may not believe you, but if they don’t respect your intelligence enough to research what you’ve researched, then it would seem clear that the only thing that matters is their opinion of you and what you’ve learned, and not truly what is best for you. You need to determine their value in your life. You will have pressure from them to do what they think is right for you because, this is crazy, right? You’re out of your mind, right? So you must be strong in your conviction. You must not be pressured to do what you don’t want to do, and that includes natural treatment.

No promises of it being easy. Either way, you are fighting. But people look at me, and see I’m normal. I look fine. And I am! But ask my kids, make no mistake, I am fighting every day, just as though I were going through chemo. The only difference is, the treatment doesn’t make me sick and nobody sees it. And that’s just perfect in my world.