How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Yes, you have to give up quite a bit if you want to give yourself a fighting chance against cancer. Coffee is no exception. Me? I’m guilty of still indulging when I can’t help myself. It’s my one weak point. I’ve even been used to giving up wine. But coffee? I’m having a harder time. I always make sure that it’s organic though, and I get low-acid if it’s available. I’ve also heard of a little trick that you can do to lower its acidity. Just add a bit of baking soda. You see, that’s part of the problem with coffee. It’s acidic in the body, and cancer thrives in an acidic environment. It’s important to keep alkaline. The other problem with coffee is that it’s just not good for the liver. Now, that all being said, I know if you look you will find an article stating that coffee is good for you. And it is! Just like red wine is! IF YOU ARE OTHERWISE HEALTHY!

So, let me share with you how, and why, you can still have coffee. Lean in. A little closer. It’s kinda personal. Ready? Bottoms up! Yup! Coffee enemas are all the rage in the natural healing world. It’s very vogue. Really. Like a colonic. Sort of. So here’s the deal. Toxins are accumulated in the colon and, if not evacuated, are carried to the liver by a series of blood veins that lead from the colon to the liver, for detoxification. It places a burden upon the liver at a time when it is working extra hard due to reduced availability of digestive enzymes, as well as having to breakdown tumour. So it is important to evacuate waste as often as is reasonably possible. Another therapeutic quality to coffee enemas is that, on reaching the liver through this course, as opposed to drinking it, it acts as a liver detoxifier. As you I’m sure are aware, if you have read my previous blogs, detoxification is absolutely critical. One more benefit to the coffee enemas is that, on reaching the liver by way of enema, coffee triggers the production of glutathione-S-transferase, a master antioxidant.

When you purchase coffee enema coffee, it will (or should) come with specific instructions. Follow them exactly. Water quality is important as well. I use S.A. Wilsons. You will find a link to their website below. It is used by the best clinics in the world! It is the best quality coffee for this purpose. Beware, when you prepare it, it doesn’t look or smell anything like the coffee you and I know. Do not drink it. It’s clean. It’s fine! It’s just not going to taste like the coffee you typically drink.

When the coffee enema is inserted, it is important to retain it for 15 minutes, as that is the period of time that the blood in your body is circulated through your liver five times. Everyone has different levels of tolerance as regards the amount of coffee to retain, and for how long. Some days are better than others. Plan for a messy experience. I tend to make enough to do two or three insertions consecutively, just in case.

At first it’s one of those things that we just don’t talk about. But after a while, it’s old news and it’s part of the message that needs to get out. It’s also controversial in that there are a small number of people don’t support it. But if I had to guess, I’d say less than 5% don’t believe it’s beneficial. Coffee enemas used to be prescribed in the Merck Manual; but have since been removed. Perhaps because they worked a little too well??? Hhhhmmm

Visit the SA Wilons website (link is at the bottom of my home page), and there you will find extensive and thorough information on the history and benefits of coffee enemas.

So, how do you take your coffee?