Rebounding! No, I don’t mean a quick relationship after a break-up.

There are so many benefits to rebounding. I had no idea. And if you are a cancer patient, or want to prevent cancer, one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself is to rebound. Quite simply, a mini-trampoline.

Our bodies have lymph. It is our waste-disposal system. The problem with lymph is that it does not move on its own. My understanding is that it is somewhat thick – like butter. Unlike blood vessels, which are pumped from the heart muscle, lymph depends on body movement to circulate and to work to move waste products out of your system, filtered through your organs, and eliminated. The bouncing action is the perfect movement to cause the force required to move the fluid around and in and out of the tiny portals where it is meant to go. With so many of us sitting these days, it is more important now than ever to get moving. It is critical when you are dealing with cancer.  In fact, it’s likely a big contributor as to why cancer has just gone rampant. On top of our food, water and air being poisoned, our lifestyles are more sedentary than ever. Cancer cells and other toxins will get into your lymph system and if not properly flushed, can set up residence and wreak havoc. You want to kill the cancer with diet and supplements and you will want to move the cancer and other toxins out of your body as soon as possible. You don’t need to go crazy. A gentle bounce is plenty if you are physically incapable of a bounce that has your feet leaving the trampoline. You do want to ensure that you do not work out so hard as to cause lactic acid. The burn. That lactic acid is dangerous to a cancer patient. It’s an acid, and cancer likes acid. So, keep it gentle enough that you are not overly exerting, but enough that it will create movement.

Just by default, you will enjoy other benefits as well. Cardio. Major and small muscles. Skin. So much more. It is beneficial for many other ailments as well. I invested in a Bellicon. I love it! Yes, it’s a bit pricier; but it’s manufactured with top quality materials and, as I am using it several times a day, and will be forever, it’s well worth it. If you visit their website,, you will see information about all of the other associated health benefits as well.