Dry Skin Brushing

It doesn’t look like much, I know. How could it possibly do anything? Seriously? Dry skin brushing has been around for years. I’ve seen the brushes, but never thought much about them. Of course, now, they are part of my detox routine. I try to use it every day.

Dry brushing does has several advantages. You’ll recall in my previous blog on rebounding, the fact that lymph requires a little help to get moving, as a result of our predominantly sedentary lifestyles, and diets that don’t help. Lymph lies just below the skin’s surface. When you gently brush the skin, in the direction of your heart, you are helping move the lymph fluid along to where it can be filtered and the toxins eliminated. In this way, you assist your body in moving the toxins out. That’s the main advantage for cancer patients, and those wishing to prevent cancer.

Another advantage to dry skin brushing is that it exfoliates the skin, your largest organ, allowing sweat to escape more readily. Of course sweat is also a detoxifier; so this is a magical combination when you go from dry skin brushing, then into a sauna. My routine is rebound for 10-15 minutes, dry skin brush, infrared sauna for 30 minutes, coffee enema (2-3 insertions – depending on time-15 minutes each), then epsom salt and essential oil bath. That is what most of my evenings consist of. While it is time-consuming, and leaves little time for anything else, it keeps my alive and healthy, and I enjoy the peace and quiet as I read and watch informative videos, etc. while undergoing this treatment.

Dry skin brushing can also be beneficial in reducing cellulite. It’s great for your skin and is invigorating.

The brush should have firm, softer bristles. You don’t want to make it uncomfortable; but you should be a little pink. Just a soft pressure with short light strokes in the direction of your heart. Start at the soles of your feet and go all the way up your legs, front and back, buttocks, abdomen, arms and hands, upper arms, collar bone, back (get one with a long handle).

It takes just a few minutes, but with continuous use, you will reap immeasurable benefits.