This is YOUR Battle, and Yours … Alone. Know This Going In.

So you are reading this for a few different reasons. You’re a friend of mine and are supporting me (thank you); you are concerned about cancer and want to do all that you can to prevent it; you have cancer and want to do all that you can to heal. Like me, you are thirsty for knowledge in this area. It is overwhelming. You keep reading, digging, questioning. You uncover the lies that have been perpetrated. You discover the truth. You know now that cancer is a business and that there will never be a “cure” found by a pharmaceutical company, and you’re a little (or a lot) pissed about the money you’ve raised and the miles you ran, swam or biked, to line the pockets of greedy corporations and the poisoning of people who are already ill. It’s not your fault. You did what you were told was the noble thing to do and what is socially acceptable and for what accolades are given. You’ve been a hero. But now, you are shocked. You are excited. You want to save your family and friends by sharing what you’ve learned.

Here’s the thing. The industry has done a fantastic job. Supports are in place. It’s popular to raise money for cancer research. It’s a great way for people to put themselves out there as giving back. And to their credit, it’s wonderful to see community, giving, caring and philanthropy as it is given with the true intent of helping. Unfortunately, what people don’t realize is that the money doesn’t go where they think it does; and the little that does go where they think it does, will never find what they are told they are trying to find. A cure. It goes against everything that businesses strive for. I’m getting off topic, but I wanted to give you the background as to why it is you are going to run into resistance and … you will lose the support of family and friends who do not understand. You WILL lose friends. Count on it. But know this; like anything, if they can’t respect your intelligence, your gut feeling, your wishes and make an effort to learn what you’ve learned, it will affect your ability to heal. So be prepared to walk away. Be prepared for them to walk away. Be prepared for them not to be there for you and listen to you as you want to share some incredible information. They won’t believe it. That’s going to have to be okay. You can’t convince them. You just have to show them. Or not.

I have lost friends that I’ve had for many years. Most recently, one that I’ve had for over 30 years. And, it’s okay. That’s not to minimize the value I placed on our friendship. She was my longest friend, and she was indeed my best friend. She made it clear that she was not sold on natural cancer care and believes in using today’s standard of conventional cancer care; surgery, chemo and radiation. I respect her choice. She doesn’t have cancer, but someone close to her was just diagnosed. I think it’s real for her now, and finally lashed out on me, in a public way, on another topic, but touching on the same concept. So, like the others, I’ve walked away from her. You see, my diagnosis is my life. I can’t walk away. I have to live with it. I lead a normal, healthy and productive life, but I do have to watch what I eat, I do have supplements to take, and I do have detoxing to do. I’m happy! I feel great! I have zero regrets and am thankful everyday! For people not to open their eyes to this after almost two years, amazes me. I know people who have been diagnosed after me, conventionally treated and have since died. Anyway…

One of the last things I discussed with her was how financially draining it is having to buy the supplements, etc. Her response was that maybe it was time to start considering conventional treatment. Well, lets stop and think about what that would look like. First of all, any money I would save by having my prescriptions and chemo paid for, would be lost by having to go on disability. Add to that the fact that chemo destroys your organs, causes neuropathy, gives you brain fog and suppresses an already-damaged immune system, I fail to see the logic in that. Further, the fact is that not all medication is covered by insurance; so you WILL be out of pocket for prescription meds anyway. Now I suppose at least those non-covered prescription meds would be tax-deductible. Woo-hoo! Now THERE’S a reason! Now consider the side-effects to those medications (Tamoxifen causes cancer and throws you into menopause, chemo causes cancer, radiation causes cancer, surgery spreads cancer, sweats, nausea, etc.). So, you’re off work, you’re on disability, you’re damaging your organs, you’re increasing the very real risk of metastasis, you feel like crap, you look like crap, you’re depressed, you are toxic because of the chemo – so no relations, sharing towels, shower, toilet, bed, etc. That crap seeps out of your skin, and if you pay attention to the nurses administering chemo and the warning labels …. Get it? As if that’s not bad enough, you discover that you haven’t saved a dime. Not a dime.

So yes, I’m in debt. I was in debt before my diagnosis because that’s the other problem with the world the way it is as a result of corporate and government greed (another blog waiting to be born). But now I’m in debt even more. I pay my mortgage, and all my bills. I can, because I work, and I can work because I have not made my body sicker.  But I have managed to work every day, as well as have two businesses, this blog, socialize and make time to do my detox protocols. I feel absolutely amazing. I am not cancer-free and continue to be diligent. I will always have to be diligent. We all do anyway. But I wouldn’t trade the quality of life I’m having for the alternative.

So be prepared for that and be prepared for people to not care, and to offer you the only answer they know. Chemo, surgery and radiation. They haven’t thought it through because, it isn’t them.

Yes, I’m expressing MY opinion. It’s MY blog. I can do that. You have to make YOUR decision. What you do is up to you. You have to do your research and decide what you want to do; and whatever it is you want to do, you HAVE to believe in it 110%. I believe in what I’m doing 200%!!!! No question. I will never ever do anything different. You have to be prepared to be challenged, doubted and talked about.

Here’s the way it works – at least it did for me. You are diagnosed. Friends and family rally around you, showing concern. You are an unwilling celebrity in your community. People want to let others know how close they are to you and how they are going to be there for you. They want their picture with you. For many people, those friends are true to their word. It makes them feel good to help someone who is obviously sick. Nausea. Weakness. Hair loss. Grief. Sadness. Hopelessness. Truly fighting. Their help is genuine and sincere and they will make a difference. For others, I truly believe it’s a way to garner sympathy for themselves. I think if people are being honest, there’s a psychological “Munchausen” component to their behaviour. But when you decide to take on this battle the natural way, for the most part, you don’t have all the typical cancer patient symptoms, as those symptoms are the result of your body being poisoned by the chemo. So you will look (and feel) healthy. So you can’t possibly need anybody’s help. You got this. And you DO! But all you DO need is support and understanding. You need stress off. It’s good for you to carry on with life as normal. So all you really will need from your friends is to talk and to understand what you’re going through, and maybe make an effort to do some reading and understanding of why you have chosen to treat yourself the way you have. This does require education, given that society today is brain-washed with the aid of a corrupt medical and education system. Not only do you have to fight cancer, you have to fight the establishment.

So be prepared to go it alone. Do not, for ANYONE, compromise your beliefs in what you feel is right for you. No matter what that is. And the truth is, nobody wants that blood on their hands. We all have to make our own choices. That being said, I am not a doctor. I am but a person living with cancer who has done my own research and made a decision that I am more than comfortable with for ME. It may not be right for YOU. Your physical condition is likely different than mine. You have to know what that is. My disdain of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery (and yes – sometimes surgery is absolutely necessary), is MY conclusion; it’s not necessarily yours. I would respect your choice. But I absolutely expect my friends and family to respect mine. And if they don’t, because my belief in my treatment is important to my survival, and because I want to surround myself with people that I know support me in how I choose to live, I MUST be prepared to either give in to the pressure of their doubt and lack of support, or I MUST walk away. Yes or no. Make a decision. You will know it’s the right decision when you are at peace with it. When you have that peace, you will smile and know that people come in and out of your life for a reason, and you will not lose sleep over it. You are your own priority. Don’t ever make anyone else’s opinion change yours. Respect their opinion. They respect your opinion. Agree to disagree. Listen to your gut. It won’t steer you wrong. And when you’ve lost the friends you’ve had for years, your gut will be there, listening, guiding. You are in good company.