As You Detoxify, You MUST Stop Allowing Toxins Into Your Body.

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? From all appearances, our government and the pharmaceutical companies, as well as manufacturers, go to great lengths to protect us from cancer and keep us safe. We have nothing to fear, right? Everything has been tested and is safe. I mean, after all, for these organizations to go to great lengths to keep us healthy and safe, but then to allow toxins to be in our household and personal hygiene and cosmetic products ??!! Really?…. Well, that’s just a bunch of hogwash!  Or … is it?

I am sure that most, if not all of you, are either aware of this, or have glanced over a headline and written it off as not really mattering that much, in the greater scheme of things. I mean, how dangerous can these things be? Everyone uses them! They must be safe. And, you like the smell and aren’t prepared to give that up anyway.You’ll take your chances.

It amazes me that a conversation might turn to the prevalence of cancer and the response “it must be in the water”, is said facetiously. Well, guess what! It IS in the water! It’s IN our air. It’s IN our laundry detergent and fabric softener. It’s IN our personal and household hygiene products. It’s IN our food! It’s IN our furniture. It’s IN our cars. And it’s IN our minds.

It’s important that you understand that manufacturers of these products do not test these products for safety. They test them to make sure they do what they are meant to do, and that they have a shelf life. That’s it.  In fact, most, if not all, of them are loaded with carcinogens. Visit There you will be able to determine which products are safer to use.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Yes, it’s an organ. It has complex functions; one of which is to sweat. Sweat, of course, comes out of pores – tiny openings in the skin. Beneath the surface of the skin is a vast network of nerves, blood vessels and lymph. Blood vessels and lymph circulate their fluids throughout the body, and your inner organs. The openings in the skin not only allow sweat out, but they absorb matter into the body. Consider drug patches. You put them on your skin and they are administered into your system in that way. Birth control. Hormones. Stop-smoking. These all are administered through the skin. Can we agree on that? Okay, so, it’s not a leap to understand that, by that same token, the chemicals that are next to your skin will be absorbed into your body through your skin, and will be circulating throughout your body.

Now, your body may be able to deal with naturally detoxifying most of these chemicals for many years. For some, it may never affect them. The fact is, it’s still too early to tell. All of these chemicals haven’t been in circulation all that long. How will it affect fertility for our kids? Grandkids? Bear a couple of things in mind. The number of chemicals now in circulation around the world, is upwards of 90,000. These chemicals were not around 30 or more years ago. We are the guinea pig era. We haven’t yet even begun to see the detrimental impact that these chemicals are going to have on us, and on future generations, be it through ill health and/or a tortured earth. We are getting a small taste. Cancer is now 1 in 3. That’s disturbing! I do hope you find that disturbing.

Does it not resonate with you then that it’s apparent that the incidence of cancer is increasing, in direct correlation to the toxicity of our environment? If you are serious about asking the question “Why are so many people getting cancer?!”, then you must take it seriously when the answers provided above, are offered. It sounds crazy, but it’s not.

When you do your laundry, or dry cleaning, those chemicals are in your clothes and your bedding. They are right next to your skin, and cover most of it. At each point of your body, the chemicals leaching from these fabrics are going directly into your system.

Dish soap and dishwasher soap residue, no matter how much you rinse (with fluorinated and chlorinated water), will remain on the plate or fork, etc. Your food goes on the plate (in the cup) and the residue transfers. You consume it off of the plate and fork, spoon, etc.

Make-up and skin care are also extremely toxic. I purchase make-up made in Germany. They have strict requirements as regards the safety of ingredients. If you are in Canada, there is a new skincare company that utilizes organic ingredients and include very powerful essential oils.

Babies and children have a higher absorption rate of chemicals when you consider that their skin is thinner, and their bodies smaller and their respiration is more rapid. Add to that the fact that they are growing and developing, and that new cells are formed more rapidly than the body of an adult. Their bodies and their DNA are under construction and are affected by their environment in a very serious way. It is absolutely urgent that babies and children be in an toxin-free or toxin-reduced environment. Food, clothing, hygiene. Everything.

I’d be happy to know that, at the very least, you have made a move to products that do not contain the known carcinogens. You are now looking for more safe and natural products. They aren’t always easy to find either. After all, there is a market out there for safe and natural products as more and more people become wise to the facts I’ve set out above. Do your own research and reading and make sure that you are satisfied that you’ve done the best you can. Labels can be self-serving and misleading. Companies want the “safe and natural” market too, but they will do “just enough”, which often isn’t nearly enough. And know that, sometimes in order to offer a safe, organic non-toxic product, the quality or texture may not be what you would expect from a conventional product that utilizes chemicals. Sometimes you will have to make a trade-off and determine what’s more important to you. My hope is that, no matter what,  you ensure that at least every child that you are responsible for, has the benefit of the purest non-toxic products next to their skin. This includes lotions, soaps, shampoo, laundry detergent and dish soap.

So let’s take it one step further. One of the most toxic substances that is ubiquitous in our food and product supply, are pesticides and the like. The choice to purchase organic is more important than you realize. Pesticides are, by design, meant to kill! Our fruits and vegetables are made up primarily of water. These pesticides are sprayed on the plants; the plants are watered; the pesticides are washed onto the soil below the plant; the roots of the plants soak up the water. Pesticides make up the fruit and vegetable both by being absorbed through its surface, and being taken up by the roots. You can’t possibly wash off the pesticide, not to mention the fluoridated and chlorinated water that may be used. It’s now part of the plant’s DNA. I’ll discuss GMO’s in another posting. But as of now, understand that you are ingesting a substance that is designed to kill. You are a lot bigger than an insect, and many would argue that it’s such a minute amount. But when you accumulate that residue for years and years (and remember – it’s all still relatively new), it WILL catch up with you. So, while organic isn’t perfect and is more expensive, it’s a wise choice and I would give something else up in order to ensure that the food I am providing my family is as healthy as possible. Of course, growing your own garden is ideal!

This is a long post. I could go on, and will, in further blogs. There’s so much out there to be cautious of that it’s why most people just give up trying because, it’s everywhere. And they’re right. It is. Everyone has to make their own choices. But it’s important for people to understand that they have a choice, and they have to know how to make the healthier choice, if that’s their priority. I have two amazing kids who are soon embarking on their own independent lives. I am making choices to ensure that I am around for them, and to ensure that they don’t end up with my battle. They have enough on their plates with the other obstacles our world has thrust upon them when it comes to trying to be on the right side of the “rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” scale. They don’t need a health issue on top of it. Neither do you.