Well THAT’s a Mouthful (of Toxins)!


It is a known fact that mercury is among one of the most poisonous substances to humans. It is treated as a biohazard. If a thermometer breaks, you should open windows, don’t touch the shards and put gloves on when cleaning up. The warnings are loud and clear. Am I right? You bet I am! So somebody explain to me how it is that, when mercury is placed in your  mouth as part of an amalgam filling, it is all of a sudden non-toxic. It’s not! Far far from it! In fact, it is one of the culprits that has been looked at as being held responsible for the development of cancer, and likely contributing to neurological deficits as well. It is toxic! What are they doing put that in our mouths??!! As if it’s not bad enough that it’s been in our mouths for most of our lives, the fact is, every bite we take releases toxic vapours and residue from the mercury amalgam fillings. Hot foods will increase the release of the toxic mercury. The mercury poison is mixed in with our food and ingested! It is coating our mouths. It’s insane! Want proof? If you have amalgam fillings, I suggest you have them removed. When you do, take note of the precautions they take when removing the filings. Yup. That’s right. Masks and gloves are standard; but now you will have an oxygen mask over your nose, a dental dam in your mouth, and they will have a special exhaust vacuum to suction out the mercury particles that become airborne. And you will LOVE the biohazard full face mask with oxygen that the dentist and the assistant will wear. Isn’t that comforting to know that our society has purposely put a known toxic poison RIGHT IN OUR MOUTHS! And we’re trusting these people!!!!????


As if mercury in our mouths isn’t bad enough, they take the poisoning of society one step further, in case you manage to have perfect dental hygiene. Fluoride. It prevents cavities, they say! Well, I doubt it. And even if it did, at what cost?  The fact is, it’s a toxic industrial waste. It is a poison. Does it help prevent cavities?  Who really knows? I rather think that it’s diet and oral hygiene that is responsible for oral health. I haven’t had flouride since I can’t remember when. No cavities. [And, there are ways to heal cavities naturally 😉 ]  Even if you believe fluoride helps protect against cavities, how is it that ingesting it in our water supply is going to help our teeth? It can’t! But there has been a link to fluoride causing bone cancer. It can affect your pineal gland, thyroid and brain. All that collateral damage to advance a position that it can POSSIBLY prevent cavities. Makes no sense to me, especially when there are non-toxic ways to prevent cavities and maintain good oral health with non-toxic toothpaste. I also take issue with the fluoridation of municipal water supplies. If people want fluoride, let them buy it and put it in their water. But to give people no choice is just plain wrong. Fluoride and chlorine pervade our city’s water supply. I get that water has to be filtered and cleaned and recycled. Don’t think that doesn’t disturb me; but it’s the cost of living on the grid. Again, it comes back to fluoride and chlorine being ingested and being absorbed through our skin. It makes no sense. I have a whole-home filter on the water coming into my house. But I still go to a spring to get fresh water and I then put it through a Berkey filter.


Root Canals

This is a biggy.I never knew that they could cause cancer. I had one. I had it removed and replaced with a ceramic implant (though thoughts have crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn’t have put anything in there; but the gum and bone started to shrink. It was important for the structure of my mouth I suppose.) My kids each have one (don’t think that doesn’t bother me). The problem with root canals is that the tooth is dead. Our bodies are not meant to have anything dead in them. There is no natural flow of fluid to clear out bacteria in the dead space. The roots of the teeth are connected to different meridians that flow through the body to clean and remove bacteria and toxins through natural processes. With that natural cleansing flow not occurring, bacteria remains in a dead space and festers. Even non-toxic vibrational remedies won’t work as they require some form of fluid; and there is no fluid in this space. So the bacteria that festers ends up getting into the meridian passages that lead from the mouth to the various connected parts of the body and, when an immune system is not optimally functioning, cancer is able to form. So if you have root canals, it is extremely important to have them removed by a qualified holistic dentist.