Enzymes: Let’s Break It Down

We are all born with a supply of enzymes. This supply is used by your body to help to breakdown (digest) food. Raw whole foods contain natural living enzymes.When you consume live raw fruits and vegetables, your digestive system’s reserves of enzymes remain. The problem today, on top of the poisons and endocrine disruptors going into our food supply, is that the majority of food consumed is “dead” food. There are no enzymes in the food that help break down the food. In many cases, the food is of no nutritional value in any event. So the problem is exacerbated in a couple of ways. No nutrition, and dead rotting poisoned food in our bodies. This is the precursor to inflammation, which is the precursor to disease. The more “dead” food you consume, the more of your body’s stores of enzymes is depleted. Now we have a problem.

You can eat all the right foods, and take all the right supplements, but if your body can’t break them down and assimilate them, they are of no use. If you have your gallbladder removed (like me), it’s a bigger problem as regards fats. There are different enzymes to break down fats (lipase), carbohydrates  (amylase) and proteins (protease). In today’s society, our natural enzyme supply is virtually wiped out digesting today’s processed foods. On top of the poisoned food supply, the western diet consists primarily of dead, poisoned food. It’s no wonder there is an increase in cancer and other diseases. Dead material remains in our bodies, and our bodies are not meant to house dead material. We need help breaking this food down so that it is in the form needed to be eliminated from our bodies. Once your body is assisted with breaking down this toxic material, your liver can quickly become overloaded. Coffee enemas should be considered in an otherwise healthy person; but they should definitely be done (if you are medically cleared to do so) if you have cancer.

There are different kinds of enzymes. Digestive and systemic. Digestive enzymes will assist in the digestion of food in your gut. It will assist in breaking down the food, including its nutritional components, so that they are in a form that your body can utilize. The other enzymes are known as systemic enzymes. These are crucial for inflammation. The proteolytic enzymes in the systemic enzyme formula, are needed to break down cancer cells.  These bypass your digestive system and go to work throughout your entire body, breaking down substances that cause inflammation. You want to take these between meals so that they are not used up in the digestion of food. These are the primary enzymes that are crucial in cancer treatment. Cancer cells having a fibrin coating. It is because of this coating that cancer is made difficult to treat.  System enzymes break down the fibrin coating of the cancer cells, allowing cancer-fighting nutrients to get inside the cancer cells and destroy them. Again, this is where coffee enemas, especially with cancer and tumours, becomes critical. As these cancer cells die off, they must be quickly eliminated.

So perhaps this assists in helping you understand why it is so important to eat as much whole raw food as possible. It removes the strain on your digestive system and, indeed, for most of us, our body’s supply of enzymes are virtually non-existent. They are living foods that are full of nutrients – vitamins, minerals. You should be aware that when you cook fruits and vegetables, the enzymes are destroyed. Indeed, some vegetables release more of their nutrients when slightly cooked as opposed to raw. I’ll leave that research to you. But if you do cook fruits and vegetables, you’ll want to keep the temperature no higher than 115 degrees. After that, most of the benefits are destroyed.