Probiotics. Heal Thy Gut.

Your intestines; they are a wasteland. Or are they? Well, if you do a little digging, you will find that your intestines are sometimes termed as your second brain. Someone coined the phrase “follow your gut”, and for good reason. The surface area lining your intestines is probably the largest surface area in your body and is responsible for the major support of your immune system. It is responsible for the absorption of many nutrients, and toxins, into your system. This is why it is important to ensure that you have regular bowel movements, as the failure to do so results in toxins that are stored in your body’s waste product (poop!) being re-absorbed back into your blood stream, and at the same time prevents the ability of probiotics to flourish and aid in absorption of key life-sustaining nutrients. Yup. That’s right. Then you are literally full of poop! No laughing matter, this is a major cause for disease or the healing of disease. So it’s important to ensure that your gut flora is tended to. In fact, “back door medicine” is more powerful than anything that has to bypass your body’s digestive enzymes. When medicine is administered rectally, it is in its whole form, unprocessed by the liver, and is absorbed into the blood stream. Very effective when the supplement is recommended or able to be administered in this way. Constipation is more than just uncomfortable. I’ve known people that have actually been nauseaous, had fevers, gone to emergency because of feeling very sick, just to find that all they needed was to evacuate their impacted bowels. I’m sold. Keep the bowels moving and healthy.

Our bodies require good bacteria in order to break down nutrients into our system and maintain a healthy intestinal landscape. It keeps it alive. Antibiotics (the opposite of probiotics) kill micro-organisms. Much like chemotherapy, they are non-selective. They will kill the good along with the bad. Now take into consideration the amount of antibiotics that people are taking, and then couple that with the antibiotics that are injected into the animals being raised for our food; then add to that all the dead processed food in our diets these days. It’s all dead. So not only are there no/minimal nutrients and enzymes to be found, what little there might be are not able to be utilized, and it’s actually toxic. So if you are taking antibiotics, it is essential that you take a probiotic. There are many different kinds. Kimchi, acidophilus, kefir, supplements, sauerkraut. There are lots of ways to include probiotics/fermented foods in your daily diet. It is even more crucial when fighting disease, however. And even if you are not taking antibiotics, the fact is, even the best available whole foods today are not what they used to be. Soil depletion; time and distance between harvest and consumption; we wash our food – sometimes washing away beneficial bacteria (a necessity, I know). So many factors make our food not what it used to be. And even waayy back then, fermented foods/probiotics were part of man’s diet in some form. There is such a thing as good bacteria. Be sure to include some in your daily diet.