Public Enemy Number 1 is a Sweet-Talker

Cancer is an “obligate glucose metabolizer”; which means, it feeds off of sugar to survive. If you eat sugar, it’s like adding fuel to a fire. Not only can it FUEL cancer, there is some evidence that it can even CAUSE cancer. For those of you having been through chemo, you will be surprised to hear this, as you will no doubt have received “diet” advice that is based upon getting calories in – any calorie is a good calorie. Now you know better. It is the absolute WORST thing a cancer patient can have. The thing is, it’s in almost EVERYTHING! Tomato sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauces, jams, and even processed foods that aren’t necessarily sweet. It’s hidden in so many things. It’s obvious in so many others! Ice cream, cookies, cake, pop. muffins, etc. Check the labels of everything you buy that is processed and you will be shocked. Glucose. Fructose. There are many different names. Refined processed sugar is not your friend. Indeed, it’s your biggest foe. It will cause tumours to grow and cancer to metastasis. Sugar gives cancer life.

There are natural sugars in fruits, honey, maple syrup, etc. Dr. Tony Jimenez of Hope 4 Cancer explains the left-spin and right-spin difference between the sugars at 28 – 33 minutes.  

That being said, ALL sugars, including fruit sugars, need to be in moderation. Honey and maple syrup, if consumed, would be best accompanied by turmeric or perhaps some baking soda (check out the maple syrup and baking soda cancer protocol). They should never be consumed on their own. Fruits come in nature’s perfect little package; chock-full of vitamins and minerals and natural fibre that control the breakdown of the sugar in such a way that it will not spike insulin if consumed in a reasonable serving. That being said, if you juice a fruit, you remove the components of the fruit that nature has put there to assist in its metabolism. You are consuming virtually pure sugar when you consume a juice, albeit a type of sugar that does not necessarily fuel cancer, but will have an affect on your insulin levels if that is of concern. That being said, when it comes to dealing with a cancer diagnosis, a green apple or some pineapple juiced with your juiced vegetables can help make the vegetable juice more palatable. And please, please, please – organic. It makes all the difference.

To give you a better understanding, when you go for a PET scan, you are injected with a radioactive sugar (glucose) that lights up the scanner when it is being metabolized by cancer cells. This is how they determine where in the body there is cancer. There is discussion about this in the attached video as well.

In addition, there is an alternative cancer treatment called “IPT” or “insulin-potentiated therapy”. What the basis of this therapy is that you are given an very low dose of chemotherapy that is combined with insulin so that it is absorbed into the cancer cell and goes to work selectively on the cancer cell. In this way, you do not feel sick, there is virtually no damage to your organs, no hair loss, etc. I haven’t undergone this therapy, but the information is available at (search “IPT” or “insulin potentiated therapy”. 

So hopefully that makes it a little more real for you. Hopefully, if you were not already aware of the obvious dangers of sugar, this further piece of information is enough to make you cut it out of your diet altogether. You will do nothing but reap the greatest rewards from this one diet change alone.