Step out your front door. Look down. Chances are really good, you are looking at some form of medicine. Their power is unknown to all but the few who stop to “smell” them, so to speak. Dandelion’s medicinal properties, should you research them, are being acknowledged and researched by mainstream medicine. Will they actually use it? Likely not. It’s a weed. It’s too abundant and available. And, …. it works (as part of a complete life change of course – as is required by all of the natural alternatives).

Essiac tea was made famous by Rene Caisse (Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards), a nurse from Ontario, who noticed that a breast cancer patient’s cancer had cleared. Nurse Caisse asked the patient what she did, and learned that the woman was given a recipe of herbs by an Indian medicine man that was used by the Ojibwa Indians. Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Turkey Rhubarb, and Slippery Elm. Rene Caisse was given funding and opened a hospital and proceeded to cure many people. Of course, the medical industrial complex came into play, and cures were not part of the paradigm. She was shut down, despite receiving the support of many thousands of people attesting to the cures. Indeed, that would have been the reason she was shut down.

Herbs can help support every part of the body. They can detoxify, filter lymph, filter blood, support bones, bone marrow, organs, hormones, cells, etc. It is endless, and it is indeed a valued and legitimate science. As there are so many different kinds of herbs, and strains, it is important to work with a professional herbalist/herbologist, especially if you are dealing with a serious condition. The list of diseases and conditions that can be treated is unbelievable.

And here’s one herb that is important for you to change your view on, if you haven’t already. Cannabis. I know. I still feel funny promoting it. But the fact is, it is, without a doubt THE most effective plant when it comes to healing (not to mention the other industries it is beneficial for – textiles, paper, etc.). Juice it. Bake with it. Ingest it. Vape it. Smoking it is not an ideal way to reap its benefits. It is now being accepted by mainstream medicine (they want their cut, of course – as the prescription I had was made cost-prohibitive and was not covered by insurance – and was for a hybrid plant that I did not trust). Doctors can prescribe it for pain management (arthritis, cancer), MS, seizures and many other conditions. They just can’t (won’t) prescribe it as a cancer cure. When consuming cannabis for cancer, it is the CBD oil that is the product of choice. Depending on the cancer, different strains and ratios of CBD to THC are recommended. In fact, if you have a hormonal (estrogen) cancer, the strain and ratio of THC to CBD becomes very important as the wrong one can worsen the condition. Unfortunately, CBD is not recognized, and not prescribed, as a cancer cure (but the U.S. government DOES carry a patent on it (things that  make you go “hhhhhmm”; patent US 6630507), so you will not get any assistance from any doctor with respect to what strain will cure your cancer. Won’t happen. When it comes to cancer and medical CBD, all you will get is what Health Canada has authorized its use for when it comes to cancer, and that is pain management. That being said, despite my mentioning it here, it remains an illegal substance for anyone to grow or use without a doctor-prescribed medical license with very specific terms. So I’m not advocating that anybody grow their own obtain it illegally; and I certainly can’t make a personal claim that it has cured my cancer. I don’t know anyone personally that has cured their cancer with CBD oil, but I do know of people on social media groups that have.

Keep in mind when you go to the supermarket, that you have available to you many fresh herbs. They also have tremendous benefits. Just do a little research if you have a condition that you are concerned about and see what you can put in your shopping cart.

You most certainly can buy medicinal herbs in a health food store, if you wish to do your own research and put together a concoction. I would, however, recommend that you at least get some blood work done and a diagnosis, and make a visit to a licensed/certified medical herbologist/herbalist in order to have an herbal tea and/or tincture made specifically for you, especially if you are dealing with several conditions, or a serious condition. Failing that, it’s up to you if you are confident in your research and your condition, and have researched contraindications. You can get a wide variety of herbs from a good health food store. One caveat; it is virtually impossible to tell how old the herbs are that you are purchasing. Make sure that you get your dried herbs from a busy health food store, to ensure frequent turn-over of the herbs, thereby ensuring that the active components are still viable.

Herbs are plants. Plants are food. Isn’t it amazing? We really have all we need. We just need to pay attention, and pay respect to what has been created for us to live on, and to heal with. It’s no mistake. It is impossible to doubt that this is a master design, when you look at all that has been accomplished with nothing but plants and herbs and essential oils. Who the hell are we to think we’re smarter than that, to their full exclusion? It’s an arrogant and ignorant person, with a narrow mind, who is not humbled and awe-struck by what these herbs can do. So if you haven’t already, look into medicinal herbs. When you do, keep in mind that “Quackwatch”, and paid trolls, will be making their attacks of natural medicine on line. It’s what they do, to throw people off the trail and ridicule the remedy and anyone supporting it. Understand that now, when you do ANY research for ANY natural remedy. If you want to know what sites are reputable and you can count on for legitimate advice, send me a message and I’ll get back to you.