The Importance of Water

Our body is made up mostly of water. Without it,in a very short period of time, we would succumb. Water and Air. Immediately necessary. Food, we could do without for a while – quite a while. But with our body being made up of mostly water, it makes sense that our bodies would start to shut down. And it makes sense that the wrong water can make you toxic, and the right water can help your healing by not causing your immune system to have to place cleaning up your water intake as its priority.

It’s also important to understand that, especially while you are healing, it’s imperative to drink plenty of water. It is only by drinking enough water that you can flush toxins out of your body.

We have yet to discuss alkalinity and its importance in fighting and healing disease. It’s not only achieved with food, but also with water. If you tested your tap water and various bottled waters, you would soon realize how acidic and toxic they are.

Water in soft plastic bottles will contain BPA leached from the plastic. This is a hormone disruptor. It can, and does, lead to hormonal imbalances and hormonal cancers. BPA is also in the lining of canned goods as well. Avoid those too wherever possible. Whenever bottles are heated, or frozen and then defrosted, this exacerbates that leaching. How many times have we put bottled water in the freezer for it to melt through the day, keeping it cold for us (and drinking extreme temperatures – hot or cold – isn’t good for us either). Or we keep bottles of water in the car, just to have them heat up, and cool down, heat up and cool down. Our bottled water is now a chemical stew – whether or not the bottle is BPA free. No good can come of it. Find a glass bottle to store your water in. I keep glass mason jars from the soups or grass-fed beef bone broth I buy at my supermarket.

Let’s talk about the water in our homes. Most tap water, city water, contains chlorine and fluoride. Both of these chemicals are extremely toxic. Fluoride is amongst many huge scams that are forced upon society and is causing many health issues; fluorosis, neurological problems, bone cancer, etc. Chlorine is meant to kill bacteria, etc. While chlorine’s purpose is clear, it doesn’t make it safe. As for fluoride – there’s just no good reason to include it anywhere. It’s an industrial waste by-product and has no business being in our water or in our dental care. None.

If you didn’t already know, it’s important that you DO know, that your skin is your largest organ, and it acts as both a detoxifier – letting toxins out via sweat, and it’s also full of trillions of pores that let toxins (or good stuff!) in, and immediately circulating in your system. When you shower, or bathe, wash your dishes by hand or in dishwasher. When your clothes are washed, and your sheets, etc., all of the fluoride and chlorine remain on you and those items. I can appreciate your thoughts that everyone bathes, showers, does laundry, etc. And I’m not saying this is necessarily the cause of any one person’s disease; but when you keep hearing the shock of someone else being diagnosed, and someone facetiously says “it’s in the water”, well, yes, it’s in the water. And when you consider that your glasses, cutlery and dishes are not only cleaned with fluoridated and chlorinated tap water, and then if you use a toxic dishwashing detergent, when you go to eat with those items, the residue will transfer onto your food and into your mouth; especially if the food is heated. And once those chemicals are in your mouth, they are readily absorbed into your system. Sound extreme? Yup! But so is cancer. So you want to do something to prevent the damage that can be caused by tap water. So what’s the answer?

For me, for the purpose of showering, bathing, laundry, etc., I had a water filter put on the pipe where the water comes into my house. So all the water I use has had all or most chemicals and impurities filtered out. I recommend you do the same. Now, I’m sure this water is safe enough to drink after being filtered, but me being who I am have gone a step further for my drinking and enema water. I go to a local spring and fill my 11 litre glass water bottles (everyone always asks in aw where I got them – the ones who understand the toxicity of plastic and the value of glass). I then take that water and put it through a Berkey water filter system. In this way, there were never any chemicals (treated) in the water I’m ingesting, and any impurities from nature (or chemtrails – yup), are filtered out as best as possible.

There’s distilled water, reverse-osmosis,ionized water, alkalized water, oxygenated water, hydrogen water, structured water. Water is EXTREMELY important, especially when consuming it.

Do your research on what water filtration or treatment system you can afford and resonates with you. Different systems bring different value. But make no mistake, drinking, bathing and showering with unfiltered tap water is not going to do you any good and, in fact, will keep you toxic as your body will be fighting and filtering the toxins in the water before it will get to the business of putting its army to work to fight cancer or other disease. Choose your battles. I’d say clean up your water supply. Cheers!