Juicing. Instantly Absorbed Concentrated Nourishment.

Full of vitamins and minerals, in essentially an almost-pre-digested form, juicing allows your body to immediately absorb these components that are vital to your healing, recovery and ongoing health. With the plant fibres removed, the juice and all of the vitamins and minerals, broken down by the vegetable’s natural enzymes, can get right to where they are needed in your body, without your digestive system having to work to separate the juice from the fibres.

My daughter several years ago got on the juicing kick. As a mom, I was concerned about her eliminating important fibres from the vegetables. After all, they are needed too! I didn’t get it.

The Gerson Therapy is a very well-known natural cancer treatment therapy that has its primary treatment as juicing, along with coffee enemas. When doing this treatment, you really can’t be doing anything else. It requires you to juice and do coffee enemas every hour of every day. Of course, there are other components to this treatment as well. Many people have had success with the Gerson Therapy. Again, it’s a matter of following the advice of a healthcare professional as everyone’s tolerance is different.

So here are a few things to know.

Many people go on juice fasts for several days, sometimes longer. You should always check with a professional healthcare provider to ensure that you are able to withstand this type of restricted diet. I’ve never done it. I am admittedly not a juice fan. I have to choke it back every day. And I’m not very good at it. At the most I do two very big ones a day. I work during the day and juicing throughout the day is not possible. Juice MUST be consumed right away. As soon as the juice is broken from its cells, it starts to oxidize. Oxidization destroys the beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

Your juicer is EXTREMELY important! Of utmost importance is that the juicer not create heat as it is juicing. Heat will destroy the beneficial enzymes that are important to have when the juice is being broken down and absorbed into your system. Especially if you are fighting disease, your natural enzyme supply is critically low. These become extremely important when your body needs their help in breaking down and assimilating the beneficial nutrients.

Make sure you get a masticating juicer. Not every juicer can juice every fruit or vegetable. If you are juicing wheatgrass (and I suggest you do), it will easily get shredded up in a non-masticating juicer. It just won’t work.

You will be juicing ALOT, so make sure that the juicer you purchase is easy to clean and has a really good warranty. It should feel of sturdy manufacture. This is not the area to go cheap.

I have a great juicer; however, my only complaint is that the hopper is very narrow and my prep takes a bit of time as I cut the fruit and vegetable pieces small enough.

There are so many vegetables that, when juiced, are powerhouses.

Beets are a detoxifier and will work to clean your liver and kidneys and boost your blood. They can help prevent cancer. Arthritis. Heart disease. I’ll leave it to you to research further whether beets address your needs or not, but I’m pretty sure everyone could do with a bit of beet juice. Oh, and your urine will turn pinkish-red if you consume enough beets.

Carrots will turn your orange if you have enough of them; as happened to Chris Wark of Christbeatcancer.com. He cured his colon cancer with carrot and apple juice. Many people have. I can handle carrot and apple juice much better than green juice.

Cilantro is a great heavy metals chelator, so you may wish to include a bit of that.

Turmeric and ginger root will give your juice a zing and a swing. Super powerful foods to include. I put in a bit of ground pepper and flax oil – just a bit – to help increase their absorbability. In fact, plants/juices are better assimilated when accompanied by a tiny bit of health fat.

I have low low iron, so also ad a spoon of Moringa powder in my juice.

If you are dealing with breast cancer especially (and do not have thyroid issues), juicing and consuming vegetables from the brassica family is recommended (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, etc.).

I will also juice a whole lemon! The whole thing. Peel. Seeds. Everything. Same with an apple. Add minimal fruit to your juice. Just enough to add a little sweetness to it to make it more palatable.

Enjoy your new appliance. Make sure it’s attractive and fits in with your kitchen decor. It will make you want to use it, and the fact is, you cannot store it anywhere. It has to be handy and available for ease of use. You will discover, as people slowly awaken, that as you visit your family and friends, you will find a juice front and centre in their kitchens.