Iodine Deficiency and Breast Cancer

Salt. Regular table salt. Everyone avoids it and knows not to use it. I don’t know that people understand why it is salt is to be avoided if you have hypertension. My information is that the salt granules actually scar arteries as they scrape along, and those scrapes are healed with cholesterol. Cholesterol accumulates in the arteries, and there you have the problem. In any event, people avoid it and, that’s a good thing; however, table salt is iodized. This is done in order to address a higher than usual incidence of goiter (a thyroid tumour) due to a lack of iodine in diets. Iodine is that important. I don’t, however, think that getting your iodine from salt is the answer.

A major problem with iodine deficiency is breast cancer. Dr. David Brownstein in his book “Iodine Why You Need It Why You Can’t Live Without It, explains that iodine has many anticancer properties. “Apoptosis” is programmed cell death. The difference between regular cells and cancer cells is that cancer cells do not die. Iodine causes cancer cells to die. Iodine alters gene expression in the breasts. It can block tumour formation. Iodine is utilized in many areas of the body, including the thyroid, breasts and ovaries. Adding a proper dose of iodine and iodide to your supplementation can assist with proper thyroid function, as well as breast pain, fibrocystic breasts and breast cancer. Including sea vegetables in your diet is a wonderful way to maintain iodine in your system; however, when dealing with a diagnosis, seeking proper advice from a doctor (holistic or otherwise) regarding the type of iodine and the dose, can completely change your life. Therapeutic doses can be shockingly high, but when carefully monitored, are very effective. I know I’m paying more attention to this as my thyroid is requiring this attention and the fact is it will benefit breast cancer as well. Absolutely amazing.