It’s Electrifying (Medicine)!

Sounds barbaric. Picture a metal cap with bolts and wires. Pretty scary. Well, this is far far from that, but electric medicine is an extremely potent treatment.
Our bodies are electric. We are vibrating beings. Our cells, and all the microbes in our body, vibrate at different frequencies. A matching frequency can destroy a microbe or a cancerous cell, but leave healthy cells alone.  The analogy would be that of an opera singer singing at just the right frequency to shatter a crystal glass. Same concept. I use two forms of electric medicine. I’ll explain how they are different. Each on their own are very potent, but when combined, they are a powerhouse (ha ha!).
Let’s start with the Bob Beck Protocol. This is a reasonably inexpensive treatment, when you consider that you can either make the components yourself rather inexpensively (the instructions are readily available on line), or for a modest cost, you can purchase the pieces and have them for life. I personally think it’s worth the investment, as the whole family can use it for a myriad of ailments for many years. I haven’t had a sniffle since I’ve been using mine.
The protocol consists of four different aspects. Please keep in mind that this is not a stand-alone treatment. It is critical that you incorporate other cancer-fighting treatments, and remove cancer-causing foods and environmental factors.
The first component is the silver pulser. The silver pulser consists of two little electrodes that are placed over your arteries on the underside of your wrists. They are held in place by a velcro wrist “bracelet”. The pads are to be kept moist with water or perhaps aloe vera gel. Pink Himalayan salt in the water helps with the electric charge. The device is run by a 9 volt battery. As blood passes through the arteries, any microbes in the arteries are attenuated by the charge. As the bugs are no longer viable, it leaves your immune system free to help fight other things (cancer, lyme, etc.).

The next component of this protocol is ionic colloidal silver. You can make your own colloidal silver with the silver pulser (it has a dual purpose). Colloidal silver acts as an antibiotic. The fear many have is argyria, where you turn blue from the silver. This would only happen after consuming high doses of bad quality colloidal silver. The Bob Beck Protocol requires that you use distilled water and they provide the silver with which to make the colloidal silver. It is safe when made and consumed as they direct. You can also purchase pre-made colloidal silver. This will also help to kill microbes in your system.

Cancer cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, and healthy cells thrive with oxygen. The ozonator adds ozone/oxygen to your drinking water.
The magnetic pulser gives a painless electric zap to any specific problem areas (tumour, headache, etc), that will bring an electric charge to that area to bring relief.
The Rife Machine is the creme de la creme. Dr. Royal Rife successfully cured cancer – 100%. He was approached to purchase his equipment. He refused. His equipment and clinic were destroyed. The Rife Machine can help treat a myriad of ailments that I couldn’t possibly list, but that you can perform a search on (i.e. Rife and Lyme’s Disease; Rife and HIV/AIDS).
The Rife Machine was invented by Dr. Royal Rife. Dr. Rife, understanding that all things carry a vibrational frequency, created a universal microscope that allowed him to examine microbes at an extraordinarily high magnification. While examining different microbes under the microscope, Dr. Rife would create different frequencies and he would note at what frequency a microbe was destroyed. There is the thought that cancer is a microbe that has invaded a cell, causing it to malfunction. Dr. Rife discovered the frequencies for both sarcomas and carcinomas, and it was in this way that he was able to narrow down the frequencies for each of these conditions by having the frequency penetrate the cell and destroy the microbe, thereby converting the cancerous cell into normal healthy cells.
There are a couple of ways this treatment can be applied. You can hold hand paddles and have your feet resting on foot paddles. For the length of time the treatments take, these are not really practical. A more effective and convenient method, and the one that Dr. Rife used, is by way of a plasma amplifier. It is recommended to place the plasma amplifier no more than three feet in front of you for the best exposure; however, the frequency expands to a much larger area. In this way, anybody in the frequencies’ path will receive the benefit of the treatment. As well, because most of the cycles run for 8 to 10 hours, it is often run during the night while you sleep, so this makes the plasma amplifier a much more practical way of applying the frequencies.
It is extremely important for both of these treatments that you consume large amounts of good quality water, for two reasons. First of all, electricity is conducted by moisture/water. If the charge is to carry, you must be well hydrated. As well, in order to flush out the destroyed toxins, it is important to ensure that you are not only hydrated for life, but extra hydration on a regular basis will keep your systems moving things out. It is ideal, of course, to follow with a coffee enema in order to flush out the destroyed toxins/microbes that will be clogging up the liver.
I hope this information has enlightened you and helped you see electric medicine is something not to be feared, or to see as barbaric. It works with how we function; electrically. So do you have thrills? Are they multiplying? 😀