Wheatgrass – You’ll Be Mowed Over When You Read This!

It is one of the single most concentrated sources of abundant nutrition on earth. One ounce of fresh juice is like having ten cups of fresh vegetables. It contains chlorophyl, which is virtually identical to hemoglobin, the difference being chlorophyl has magnesium whereas hemoglobin has iron. It is highly oxygenating, creating an environment that is unfriendly to cancer cells. It contains Laetrile, which is toxic to cancer cells. It contains selenium. It contains 13 vitamins, including B12, along with amino acids and essential fatty acids. It contains antioxidants and enzymes. It is alkalizing. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.  And the taste? It’s not bad at all! Sweet. If you are recovering from disease, you will want to take several ounces a day, to bowel tolerance. I am taking ten ounces a day as I am struggling with absorption and low blood levels. I’ve only just recently put wheatgrass back in my protocol and regret not trying it more than a month or two previously. I’ll never be without it again. A good healthy daily serving would be a couple of ounces.

You can buy living wheatgrass plants and grow it at home, cutting it fresh as you are ready to juice it. Keep in mind that moulds are notorious for growing on these plants, and so you must be diligent in maintaining its hygiene. It’s a big task if you have other things going in your life; not to mention that you could be left with no good usable wheatgrass if it’s been spoiled. You can also buy cut wheatgrass. You will need a special masticating juicer that can juice fine plants like wheatgrass.  Make sure that the juicer creates low, preferably no, heat generated to the wheatgrass as that will denature it and destroy many of the beneficial enzymes.

I have found a company, a family farm, that grows the best wheatgrass, and juices it right after cutting, at source. As soon as it is juiced, it is flash frozen in BPA-free plastic packets in half ounce servings that you can use as needed. I love it! One full sheet is ten ounces, and so I take that as my daily dose for now. As many of you will know, flash frozen fresh at source contains far more nutrients than fruits and vegetables that have been harvested and have travelled and are days away from being consumed. This link will take you to the website of the farm I purchase my wheatgrass from. They certainly deliver to Canada and the US, and some other parts of the world. They are frozen and are packed with salt-water freezer packs that maintains them in a frozen solid state for a lengthy period of time.

Be sure to include a healthy daily dose of wheatgrass into your diet, whether you just want to maintain and enhance good health, or whether you want to include wheatgrass in your healing journey. It’s an absolute must have! Cheers!