Apricot Kernels: Amygdalin, Benzaldehyde and Cyanide. WHAT??!!

Apricot kernels (also known as apricot seeds, laetrile, amygdalin, vitamin B17, bitter almonds) contain components that are toxic to cancer cells. And like everything else I’m writing about, they are controversial. Yes, they contain cyanide.  But here’s the thing, there are many foods that you consume that contain cyanide. I’ll eat the apple seeds along with my apple. The cyanide is not toxic when it is bound with other molecules. Yes, straight cyanide is lethal; but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Our bodies have enzymes to safely break down the apricot kernel – and other cyanide-containing foods – into a safely digestible form.

Apricot kernels contain the highest amount of amygdalin and, for this reason, they are revered by the natural health community. “Laetrile” is the concentrated form of amygdalin. The other components are benzaldehyde and cyanide. Cancer cells contain beta-glucosidase. The beta-glucosidase unlocks the cyanide and benzaldehyde, and that spells fatal trouble for ye olde cancer cell. Your body’s enzyme “rhodanese”, protects your healthy cells. See? Your body has the natural ability to protect and heal when given the right food.

When I was in hospital in Mexico, I had amygdalin by IV every day. That’s great if you can get it. Apricot kernels, while easy to grab and munch on, do not taste good. They taste just like bitter almonds. You might be able to tolerate one or two once or twice, but they are an acquired taste when consuming them for therapeutic purposes. I grind them up in a coffee grinder that I use exclusively for nuts and seeds. Mix it into a smoothie or anything else that can bury the taste. Start with just one or two and see how you tolerate them. Increase slowly. You might want to have 3-5 a day just as a healthy maintenance dose – taking the odd couple days off here and there. I have personally taken up to about 30 – 40 a day for a bit, and felt fine. I haven’t been able to stomach them long term myself, as the taste is strong. But there are plenty of people who have had great success with consistent consumption of the apricot kernels – great successes! Check out Jason Vale.

You will want the extremely bitter ones. How do they know they are extremely bitter and how are they formulated to produce extremely bitter apricot kernels? I don’t know. Good question. Right or wrong, I put a little blind faith in this and buy the extra bitter. If I’m going to choke them down (don’t go by me – I’m sure somebody likes the taste), I want to make sure that what I’m buying and consuming is doing what I want it to do. So I’ll err on the side of buying the extremely bitter apricot kernels.

Like any of what I’m writing about, any results will not be apparent until after a length of time with consistent use. No guarantees. Give it a good 4-6 months and if you don’t notice improvement you might want to take a break.