Colloidal Silver! Microbes Away!

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room. YOU WILL NOT TURN BLUE (Argyria) but consuming PROPER AMOUNTS OF GOOD QUALITY COLLOIDAL SILVER!! Okay? Okay! Colloidal silver (and I use Sovereign Silver) has so many uses, that I cannot address them all here. You can do your own research (gut/intestinal issues, Dr. Axe , etc….

“The Biologically Most Relevant Immunomodulator” (JANA 2007)

It’s been almost three years since my diagnosis. I’ve learned plenty. I’ve taken countless supplements and have tried all kinds of stuff. I’m doing well and so, arguably, I’ve made some good choices. I’m sure there were plenty of things I’ve done that perhaps had little to no benefit, but for an education. Who knows?…