Colloidal Silver! Microbes Away!

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room. YOU WILL NOT TURN BLUE (Argyria) but consuming PROPER AMOUNTS OF GOOD QUALITY COLLOIDAL SILVER!! Okay? Okay! Colloidal silver (and I use Sovereign Silver) has so many uses, that I cannot address them all here. You can do your own research (gut/intestinal issues, Dr. Axe , etc.  Here, I will touch on how it assists when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

For all intents and purposes, colloidal silver is an antibiotic. In fact, before you take a prescription antibiotic, with its plethora of side-effects and organ damage, and overuse leading to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, why not try a round of colloidal silver? You’ll be amazed what this non-toxic water and silver mixture can do.

There is evidence that microbes get into cells, and it is these microbes that cause cells to become cancerous. Dr. Royal Rife, knowing this, developed his technology (which I have! Yeah!) to kill the microbes inside of cancer cells, thus allowing a cancerous cell to revert to a normal cell.

Cancer cells have a tough protein coating. It is this coating that protects them, shields them, from the immune system, allowing them to live indefinitely. By the way, this is where Dr. Royal Rife’s technology is beneficial in that it is based on high frequency waves that penetrate the tough protein coating of the cancer cell, killing the microbe inside the cancerous cell, allowing the cell to revert to a healthy cell. I refer you to  a previous article on electric medicine that I posted.  Below is a link to an article by Cancer Tutor (I was fortunate enough to be able to exchange e-mails with Webster Kehr of Cancer Tutor prior to his retirement. A smart, dear and genuine man I wish I had the pleasure to meet in person.) . A protocol was developed by the ICRF (Independent Cancer Research Foundation (THIS IS WHERE YOUR DONATIONS SHOULD GO!!) wherein DMSO (and to an unconfirmed extent, MSM), weakened the protective protein coating of the cancer cell, allowing the microbe inside the cell to be vulnerable. Colloidal silver is, among other things, antimicrobial. With the microbe inside of the cancer cell made vulnerable by the use of MSM or DMSO (similar but different natural substances  – that’s a future article), the colloidal silver is able to kill the microbe, allowing the cell to revert to a healthy state. You can get DMSO and MSM from the health food store or order it on line.

Colloidal silver is anti-inflammatory. Cancer is caused and/or exacerbated by the body being in an inflammatory state.

There are different ways to make your own colloidal silver. I’ve done it, and have been fine. But I would suggest that you play safe and purchase ready-made colloidal silver that is tested for potency and safety.

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Happy researching!!