So You’re Drinking your Eight Glasses Of Water a Day. Are You Getting The Full Benefits of What Water Is Supposed to Provide?

You lose me at “science”. I know, I know. It’s important. My son is a science major. I get it. And certainly everything has a scientific basis. That being said, as much as I have a general knowledge of many natural health-based “stuff”, I’m no scientist. Having read my previous posts, you’ll get that.  That having been said, I DO know reputable sources and those whom I trust. I first learned about hydrogen and water on The Quest for the Cures … Continues.  And Paul Barattiero of the Echo2 Hydrogen Enriched Water, is on the Robert Scott Bell Show regularly. I’ve met both Robert Scott Bell and Paul Barattiero. I’ve also met Arne Larson, who works with Paul Barattiero advocating for, supplying and installing the Echo Water Systems here in Ontario. Follow the link to his website and check him out. He’s a great guy that has found tremendous benefit with the Echo Water System and decided that he just had to get out there and share the benefits.  Echo water is based on an added hydrogen molecule that is missing in today’s treated water. Hydrogen-treated water acts as an antioxidant, immune booster, and may help improve athletic performance, assist in detoxification and weight loss, increases cognitive function and provide beneficial energy frequencies (which are extremely important in today’s world with EMF’s etc.). We are electric. Water, in it’s natural form, is “structured”. Being surrounded in nature by minerals and taking on a form meant for absorption by our cells, water as it is provided to us, has been altered. Unfortunately, today’s water treatments deplete our consumable water of the natural components needed to be absorbed and to have the desired affects for our health. Enter Echo2 ….


Hydrogen (H2) is an antioxidant, and antioxidants have shown anti-inflammatory and potentially anti-cancer-like activity. Here is a great ebook that will explain in detail what I can’t, with proper references.


While I don’t yet have my Echo Water System, rest assured it’s on my list of things to purchase as my budget allows. It is an investment worth having. If you cannot put a full system in your house (renting, etc.), contact Arne and he will let you know what you can do in order to get the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water in the absence of a full home system.


Whatever you do, know this; water is EXTREMELY important. Tap and bottled water are toxic. Under no circumstance should they be consumed directly. Chlorine, fluoride and hormone disruptive BPA and other plastic toxins wreak havoc on your hormones – make no mistake. And it is often not until it’s too late that people understand that – yes – it’s the water making us sick. It’s the hormone-driven cancers where you will see much of the damage – breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers.


So between the toxic water that we are provided – “free”, “inexpensively” or “conveniently”, and the fact that even filtered water is stripped of minerals and has accordingly been modified in such a manner as to be malabsorbed at the required cellular level, it’s time to invest in one of nature’s most potent health-promoting substances. Water. It’s unfortunate that today it IS an investment – and quite clearly not a free benefit available to all – as was intended by nature.