I am a 50-something woman, two 20-something kids, divorced. I was diagnosed with multi-focal invasive ductal carcinoma in September 2014. I listened to my gut and refused all conventional treatment. I will forever have to “treat” myself; but then again, we all do. Fortunately “treatment” is, for the most part, food. That’s right. It’s primarily food. I am doing great and decided that the voices of those of us who have been enlightened, need to call out and need to be heard; to truly give people a choice in how they treat their cancer. I am not a health professional. I am a mom, a law clerk and a person with a passion for the power of nature, and a resistance to allopathic medicine when it comes to chronic disease. Trauma, etc. – yes, take me to the hospital. But chronic disease, for the most part, can be managed. In fact, I’d hesitate to become a health professional; for once you do, you are silenced by your profession. Please keep that in mind when presenting any of what you learn through this website, to your healthcare provider. They will not be open to the discussion, or they will discredit the information. Please take any information shared on this site as a place to start your own research; a seed planted. This site is not intended to diagnose any symptom or cause and does not purport to treat any condition. Please always consult with your doctor.